The Intelligent Tutoring System

  • Uniquely Designed to Close Deep Skill Gaps: Average 2 semesters gain per semester use
  • Diagnostics that Differentiate and Adapt to detail a students proficiency, even if 10 grade levels below
  • Individualized Lesson Paths Based on Assessment Data, with remedial instruction on demand 
  • Individualized Assessments Embedded in Lesson Paths to confirm mastery of skills and modify paths
  • Lessons That Teach New Skills using a digital tutor, with guided, step by step instruction
  • Teachers are Free from Curriculum Administration and may intervene personally where they have greatest impact
  • Age Neutral Content perfect for older learners struggling with early elementary skills

Standards-Based, Highly Effective Intervention for Struggling Students Functioning in Grades K-10

Covid-19 Update

During this Covid – 19 crisis, we have been quiet, but we have been observing what is happening in educational programs among incarceration facilities. While many prisons have closed their educational programs, our peer facilitated dorm labs continue to generate results.  

We have continued to ship education labs (local area networks, with no internet connection) run by inmate peer facilitators in adult correctional dorms.  Our Intelligent Tutoring System is so heavily automated – adaptive diagnostics automatically create and adapt individualized instruction – that an inmate peer facilitator with a high school or college diploma can be an effective ABE teacher to other inmates in the dorm.

Because the administration continues to send us the reports, we know that inmates are making as much as a year’s worth of learning gains in a 3-month quarter.  A study by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency reported an average of about 2 years of learning gains per year of use with juvenile justice students, in a randomized/controlled study.  Moreover, students in the study who used the software had twice the average graduation rates of students in the control condition, including special needs students.  

Even though the teaching staff are no longer entering many correctional facilities, the inmates can continue making progress toward their learning goals.  New Century specializes in helping students in correctional and residential facilities complete their basic education, even those functioning as low as Kindergarten equivalent, and even those with special needs.  It is a challenging time.  Call us and let us know how we can help.  Call us at (866) 326-1133


Jim Griffin