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The Intelligent Tutoring System

The Intelligent Tutoring System is a highly adaptive, individualized online instructional program that closes existing learning gaps in Reading, English/Language Arts & Math and accelerates learning.

In an independent study, deeply underperforming students, including 38% who were of special needs, demonstrated twice the graduation rates using the Intelligent Tutoring System, compared to those who did not use the software.

Recently Released New Century Noah Text Lessons for Dyslexic and Other Struggling Readers

To further address students with dyslexia and other reading challenges, we have worked with researchers at Michigan State University to create new lessons using Noah Text® and other features specifically designed to help older students with dyslexia (children, teens and adults functioning at fourth grade level and up) to better decode words and to develop fluency in reading. Parents looking to work with their child at home can sign up. Schools and Adult Ed programs can learn more by clicking here.

Intelligent Tutoring System

Uniquely Designed to Close Deep Skill Gaps: Average 2 semesters gain per semester of use

Diagnostics that Differentiate and Adapt to detail a students proficiency, even if several grade levels below enrollment

Individualized Lesson Paths Based on Assessment Data, with additional remedial lessons provided automatically if needed

Individualized Assessments Embedded in Lesson Paths to confirm mastery of skills and to modify paths

Lessons That Teach New Skills using a digital tutor, with guided, step by step instruction that adapts to student needs

Teachers and Parents are Free from Curriculum Administration but intervene personally where they have greatest impact

Age Neutral Content perfect for older learners struggling with early elementary skills

The Intelligent Tutoring System Applications

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