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Support Services

Teacher and Parent Support

email support is available for any teacher or parent who seeks assistance with the software. Click Here to Send Email for Support 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available here: FAQ

Videos for parents and home users (about 27 minutes worth) explaining how to use and implement the software are  available here: Video Training.

Training for teachers on how to implement the software with larger numbers of students can be conducted via Zoom (two 1 ½ hour sessions).  In person training is also available for teachers, beginning in the fall of  2021.

Technical Support

Technical support is also available to assist district staff in moving licenses, or assisting with changes being made to their network or hardware environment.  If required for security purposes, a LAN version, without internet connection can be installed.  New Century can even ship a server pre-loaded for a small LAN and ready to use out of the box, along with instructions how to connect to it. Click Here to Send Email for Support 

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