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How do I re-set the Diagnostic Test, so my student can take it again?

Answer:  If your student did not take the Diagnostic Test seriously – e.g. spent only 5 minutes on it, and they are in material that is much too easy for them, then you can email us at, and we can re-set it for you.  Please keep in mind that the lessons will start of easy, and gradually get more challenging.  If you are unsure whether they took the Diagnostic Test seriously, then let them take 5 lessons and see if it does not become more challenging before contacting us.  Make sure you use the email that you used to enroll the student in New Century when you contact us.  If your student finds themself in lessons that are repeatedly too difficult for them, you can also contact us about re-setting the Diagnostic Test.

How do I review a lesson with my student, after the student has exited the lesson?

Answer: In most cases of a failed lesson (score of less than 70%) your student will have a second chance to take the lesson.  You should let you student know that if they fail a lesson, they should not take the repeat lesson until you are available.  If the lesson is failed a second time, and the student fails the remedial lesson(s) that follow, we will receive an alert, and will send you a specific lesson assignment to open and review the lesson with your student.

How Rapidly should my student learn?

Answer: In studies that have been conducted, students who used the software an hour per day per curriculum (Reading/Language Arts or Math) averaged approximately 2 semesters of learning gain per semester of use, or two years of learning gains per year of use.  Some studies include large numbers of special needs students (e.g. 38%).  Remember that this is an average, students with dyslexia or other challenges may take longer or make gains more slowly.  However, some students will also exceed this performance.  The more that a student works on the software, (e.g. additional work on weekends) the faster they will learn.  We have students that have made 5 grade levels worth of gain in a year.

What Should I Give My Student for a Reward When they Achieve Another 15 Points?

Answer:  Each student is different, and while a candy bar or a trip to the ice cream parlor for an ice cream cone, along with some praise, may work for some, it may not work for others, especially students with dietary restrictions.  You will need to think of a small but suitable reward and a way of recognizing your student that works for them.  When the student moves to the next grade level, according to the New Century reports, you will certainly want to recognize this learning gain.

What Should I do if the internet/power/computer fails and the lesson crashes?

Answer:  Try to see if your lesson is still running on another browser tab.  If not, have your student log back in and see if the lesson will bring you back to where the failure occurred.  If not, then your student will most likely have to take the lesson again.  The Noah Text lessons have been built with a feature to help make sure the student returns to the last scored frame, so they can avoid having to take the lesson again.  We are working to add this feature to the other lessons.  Since we have over 1,600 lessons and mastery tests, it takes time to do this, but we are working on it.

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