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The Intelligent Tutoring System

At-risk students — learners who have a higher probability of failing academically or dropping out of school — often suffer from deep skill gaps and/or learning disabilities. They may often be 10th graders functioning at a 4th grade level, but they are more complex than a typical fourth grader.  These students have been sitting in a classroom for 10 years, and they often know content at higher levels that a fourth grader doesn’t know.  New Century helps them fill deep skill gaps across a broad spectrum of grade levels quickly, without repeating material that they have already mastered.  Learning is therefore efficient and quick.

The Intelligent Tutoring System is a heavily researched and highly adaptive, individualized instructional program that closes the gap in English/Language Arts & math and accelerates learning.

In a peer reviewed study, At-Risk students who used the Intelligent Tutoring System had twice the graduation rates as those who did not.

Special Noah Text® Lessons for Students with Dyslexia

✔ Uses Noah Text® a Phonologically Scaffolded form of Text to Help Students with Dyslexia and Struggling Readers Decode Words and Build Fluency.

✔ Developed and Implemented with Michigan State University, One of the Top Education Departments in the US.

[with the Intelligent Tutoring Sytem] “Both math computation and reading comprehension showed significant improvement on the AIMSweb basic skills test” – Dr. J.S. Barrow, Coastal High School, Mcintosh County, GA

Benefits of New Century’s Intelligent Tutoring System and individualized method of instruction are:

· The Intelligent Tutoring System assigns instruction as proximate to student mastery of content as possible to assure he or she is successful when they take that next lesson.
   · Success breeds stamina and incentive to persevere in students who have not had much academic success.
· The software alerts the teacher when individualized attention and support is needed by a student and even provides a framework for the teacher to do so.
· In an independent study, At-Risk students who used the software averaged two years of learning gains per year of use.

Adaptive Diagnostics
· Tests that adapt the questions to your student’s answers to “drill down” and identify their specific needs.
· Reports proficiency across standards based skills in Reading, Language Arts and Math covering grades Kindergarten through Early High School, including Algebra 1.

Adaptive Lesson Paths: Adds remedial instruction on demand to help students master subjects.
· Correlates to Common Core State Standards
· Accelerates quick learners through the lesson path
· Embeds tests regularly to assure mastery of content

Individualized Lessons that Teach New Skills Like a Tutor
· Adds instruction and examples within lessons for students who need them
· Rapidly advances students who grasp concepts quickly to the end of the lesson

Special Noah Text® Lessons to Help Those with Dyslexia and Other Struggling Readers
· Students with dyslexia can access words previously inaccessible
· Noah Text® helps students spend less cognitive energy on decoding and more on understanding what they are reading
· Students begin to appreciate reading and often read their first chapter books in Noah Text®
· For more on Noah Text®, click here.

Other Advantages of the Intelligent Tutoring System
· 3 hours of training and your teachers can implement the software.
· Age-neutral content for older students struggling with lower elementary-level skills
· Incentive system to recognize and award students for progress milestones
· The software can load on a local area network and work with no internet connection
· Students with access to the software outside of regular class periods often make a grade level worth of gain in three months
· Results with At-Risk students confirmed in independent study, click here to review.

How To Get Started

The best way to get a full understanding of how the Intelligent Tutoring System is designed differently to serve this population, and the results that we achieve, is to set up a private demonstration.  You can ask your questions while getting further information on how we individualize and adapt instruction and support teachers with student/class/group information, with alerts, and with different options to intervene.  When you complete the form, we will contact you by email regarding a convenient date and time for the demo.

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