New Century Education

Please join us in continuing the work to help challenged students succeed.

Our Mission

New Century is a recognized charitable publisher that designs and delivers educational solutions for challenged students.  Currently, we provide programs in 14 state prisons and 6 juvenile justice sites.  In these sites, our typical student dropped out of school at about 10th grade, but functions at 3-5th grade equivalent.  Up to 50% are of special needs, many with dyslexia. 

Intelligent Tutoring System User

We work with emotionally and behaviorally disturbed students in residential programs.  We work with adult ed sites, including other not-for-profits like Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County, and we work with inner city at-risk youth with organizations like the YMCA. Our latest offering is to provide a home tutoring version of our Intelligent Tutoring System for free to any family seeking to help their student with dyslexia at home .

Tax Deductible and Confidential

As a recognized 501 c-3 organization, your donation is tax deductible.  Also, we never share your data with any third party for marketing or any other reason. Please join us in continuing the work to help these challenged students succeed.

The Impact we Make In Corrections

In peer reviewed studies, our typical student makes two grade levels of learning gains per year of use. For every grade level increase, the average inmate will reduce his 3-year recidivism rate by 3%. After three years and 6 grade levels that becomes 18 percentage points, reducing recidivism from about 50% to about 32%  – a 36% reduction in crime 3 years post release. We help the inmate, who does not return to prison, we help the community he lives in with lower crime, we help the state and taxpayer with lower incarceration costs.

In Children with Dyslexia

Instead of not reading books, not developing vocabulary, not developing an appreciation for reading and literacy, and falling further behind – The Matthew Effect-children using our Noah Text lessons will often read their first chapter books, learn to decode larger words, build their vocabulary, their literal comprehension and their understanding of main idea and inference. Perhaps the best outcome is that many will learn to enjoy reading and bridge themselves to reading books in plain text.

Your Money Goes to the Mission

Our staff is dedicated to our mission of helping even the most challenged of students to learn.  Our President volunteers 100% of his time.  Out programmers work at below industry equivalent salaries, professors and researchers contribute their time in helping us develop new interventions for special needs students, and highly qualified support staff with advanced degrees in Education work for less than certified teachers.  Our board members work for free.  But we still cannot maintain this effort without your support.