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You Can Help a Child Overcome Dyslexia

Vincent’s Story

Vincent was entering the 4th grade.  But he was reading at the first grade level.  His mother, Adriane, enrolled him in June to use our free home tutoring software for older students with dyslexia, using Noah Text®.  In discussions with Adriane, I explained that the lessons were designed for those reading at the 4th grade level and the vocabulary was well above 1st grade.  She would have to sit with him and help him with decoding the larger words.  Adriane is one of those very committed mothers who agreed to make sure he got the help he needed. 

Vincent sometimes took 2 or 3 hours to complete a lesson, sometimes taking two or three days to do so.  It is very tedious work for a student like Vincent.  But he persisted and Adriane was right there with him.  Two months later, in August, Vincent took another reading assessment, administered by his school, and had achieved 1.5 grade levels of gain.  Adriane was delighted. 

“The Noah Text lessons have really challenged him and he’s showing tremendous improvement in his overall reading. Fluency is a huge problem area for him, but he’s gaining traction there as well. He’s actually enjoying the book, which makes the whole process so much easier. When we started in June, Vincent was reading at a weak Level-E. Today, I’m happy to report that he’s reading at a strong Level-L! What New Century is doing for children like my son is a godsend.” – Thanks again, Adriane Genova

You can help a child overcome dyslexia.  $54.61 covers the cost of working with a student.  Consider a gift of 5 students for $273.05.


1 Student


5 Students


Research: We are initiating larger research studies costing $100,000 with Middle School students and the incarcerated, where dyslexia is highly concentrated. Consider a gift of $500 to help us reach this goal

Whatever you donate, my wife and I will match the first $20,000 donated. 

Our Mission

New Century is a recognized charitable publisher that designs and delivers educational solutions for the most challenged of students.  Our latest offering provides home tutoring software for free to any family seeking to help their student with dyslexia at home.

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