During a recent trip to London Correctional in Ohio, an inmate named Roger asked me to look at the computer monitor in front of him.  With great pride he wanted to share his success on his most recent math lesson.  Roger is 61 years of age, and other than a few grades in elementary school, education had not been part of his life.  Diagnosed with math skills equivalent to the beginning of 3rd grade, he had spent the last two months filling some skill gaps as low as first grade, then moving up half a grade level to the second semester of 3rd grade.  Here he was, proudly passing his lessons and math tests.  In his words:

“ I’m enjoying what I’ve been introduced to, and I actually feel like a kid going through school again.  I’m so appreciative for the opportunity to be part of this program.”

Roger is on a mission now because he is coming up for parole, and he would like to improve his education before potential release.

Vunty, an inmate of Southeast Asian descent, entered prison with Limited English Proficiency and early grade school level math skills.  Education had not been part of his upbringing either.  However, 23 months after taking the New Century Diagnostic Test at Tomoka Correctional in Florida, and using the New Century software, he passed the GED. He then continued working on upper level math, reading and writing skills in order to take industry certification classes.  Vunty is now tutoring other inmates in Adult Basic Education and Photoshop.

Personalized instruction adapts lesson content to the specific needs of the individual.  In a room full of adult learners, competencies can vary dramatically from student to student. New Century provides personalized learning uniquely designed for the disparities found in Adult Learners.   As with many other incarcerated students who begin their New Century learning path with limited education, we are proud to help Roger and Vunty demonstrate that Anyone Can Learn.

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