New Century Education Foundation was selected by the Special Program for Achievement Network (SPAN), the State of Alabama’s juvenile detention alternative program.  New Century’s diagnostic/prescriptive solution will help teach juveniles basic skills and prepare them for the GED.

According to Charles Foley, State Coordinator for SPAN: “We used the New Century system in our Huntsville location and saw it outperform the other ten SPAN locations in GED completion.  It was an easy decision to expand use of the software to our other sites.”

Jim Griffin, President of New Century says: “We are proud to augment our relationship with SPAN under the strong leadership of Mr. Foley, and to help him and his staff make a difference with more students.”

“ New Century is uniquely designed to diagnose and remediate reading, writing, language arts and math skills of juvenile justice populations functioning even at low elementary grade levels.  Our approach to personalized learning helps them succeed in rapid fashion.”

New Century Education Foundation’s mission is to help deeply At-Risk, Special Needs and Adult students.  Its software products are both scientifically based and supported by research conducted by independent third parties among juvenile justice and other traditionally deeply At-Risk populations.

New Century software was used in SPAN’s Huntsville, Alabama location and resulted in Huntsville students achieving more GED completions than the other ten SPAN sites combined.

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