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About New Century Education

New Century Education Foundation, based in Pennsylvania, is a 501 c-3, not-for-profit that designs, develops, and distributes comprehensive educational software products for the diagnosis, instruction, and assessment of deeply underperforming and highly challenged students who are functioning from Kindergarten level to early High School levels.

Many of these are special needs students, and substantial numbers of these were never assessed for learning disabilities.  Many students are also English language learners. The markets we serve are typically small, niche oriented, and include many poor students of educationally complex challenges.

We provide our specialized software at low cost under intellectual property licenses to the typically small and underfunded institutions that serve these populations.  We offer it for free to any family wanting help with a child or adult they can tutor at home.

Originally a publisher of academic research in educational psychology, New Century’s product development includes the work of educational psychologists and curriculum experts from Harvard, Columbia Teachers College, Princeton Center for Education, UCLA, and Penn State. See Scientifically Based

Our Approach

New Century’s approach to educational software development stresses pedagogies that accelerate the pace of learning, and that maximize retention. Studies conducted by professors at leading universities demonstrate that students who use New Century as a part of their curriculum outperform those who do not, and those who utilize the software more frequently outperform those who use it less so. See Research

Why Choose New Century

New Century products are distinguished from most other educational software products in several ways. For example, New Century software helps teachers serve students needing skill development far below or above grade level as well as those working at grade level. Diagnostic tests are designed to dynamically adapt questions to student responses, so that teachers can quickly identify a student’s skill needs, even if they are well below or above grade level.

Assessments automatically generate and modify individualized lesson paths addressing the discrete learning objectives that need to be mastered by each student. This is more efficient than assigning lessons by grade level or by module. Lessons are designed to teach new skills, not merely to drill and practice, while audio is used for aural instruction to reinforce on-screen and interactive content, not entertain. Lessons are age neutral, using science, technology, history, and geography as context for reading and math. In addition to providing cross-curricular education, these themes help a 9th grader, for example, learn elementary skills without feeling disenfranchised with content he or she finds too juvenile.

For these reasons and more, New Century is effective where other products are not. See selections under Products in the menu.

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