New Century Provides the Automated Diagnostics and Individualized Instruction to help Teachers Succeed and Excel with the Whole Class

A popular analogy today states that when students stand up after class, they leave the room, educationally speaking, at different heights. Some of them understood the lesson perfectly, some of the students recognized the concept if not the application, and others simply did not “get it.” Often, lack of success is because the student did not have the pre-requisite skills to understand the material. The teacher, however, must go on to the next class, which is rapidly filling the seats in front of him or her.

For this reason, a popular model to using New Century involves identifying 90+ minutes (two to three class periods, depending on the grade level) per week in which students attend a computer lab in reading or in math to identify and fill gaps in prerequisite skills. Students then learn those skills not truly mastered during the regular class period.

New Century’s Diagnostic Tests rapidly identify skill gaps, even if those skills are more than two grade levels below enrollment. Results from the test are used by the learning management system to create an individualized instructional path of New Century’s research based and rigorous lessons. Lessons are assigned by learning objective, not by grade level or module, so learning is efficient and measurable. Student learning gains are rapid. New Century embeds Interim Assessments that systematically measure and report proficiency in specific learning objectives. Teachers thereby have an independent assessment tool to monitor their students’ progress in filling skill gaps and in mastering the content associated with their class. Moreover, a student’s performance on these tests automatically adjusts the individualized lesson path to accelerate instructional content for those who learn rapidly and to provide additional tutorial instruction for those who struggle with the concepts. The teacher can deliver individualized instruction that is rigorous and effective, and do so effortlessly.

Results: New Century’s blend of unique qualities have demonstrated statistically significant differences in learning gains on independently conducted studies using¬†randomized/controlled conditions. Teachers and their students who utilize New Century as part of their instructional regimen outperform those who do not. (See Research Proven). Teachers and administrators who add New Century to their instructional day have achieved school improvement goals and recognition by filling instructional gaps and by raising all students to greater “height” in their classes.