“In Valley View, approximately 15% of our students were migrant.  New Century was key to our making AYP and then exemplary status.”    
       – Camilo Martinez, Special Funds Director

Challenges for Migrant Students

Migrant students face many educational challenges. Studies show that 84% of migrant workers speak little or no English, and that 90% speak a language other than English in the home. Migration for work leads to frequent moves. Students must adjust to different school systems, different curricula, and social conditions, and they often struggle to overcome late starts or early exits during the school year.  Migrant students also face problems with records and credit transfers.  Moreover, these students typically come from low income families.  They often need to work to help support the family, or they must care for younger siblings while the parents work. These challenges contribute to deep educational skill gaps, lower average academic achievement and high dropout rates among migrant students.

The New Century Solution

The Intelligent Tutoring System offers educators the software tools to address these academic challenges.  The tools include assessments which diagnose student proficiency and identify the skill gaps, even if those learning deficits are ten grade levels below enrollment.  Data from assessments are used by algorithms in the Intelligent Tutoring System to automatically create and adapt highly individualized instruction.  New Century’s reading, language arts, and math instruction, also delivered on computer, are highly developmental and teach the learning objectives needed to help under-performing students fill skill gaps and return to grade level. Large use of aural instruction reinforces on-screen text and graphics, helping students with Limited English Proficiency grasp language skills, including phonics, pronunciation, literary fluency and vocabulary. Selections from history, geography, science, technology, and well recognized literary works help develop skills in comprehension, inference, and author’s purpose. The newly revised reading curriculum software is now accessible on most hardware platforms, including low-cost Android tablets, to support continued learning from home or while the family is traveling for work.  The software is scientifically based and research proven to help teachers make a statistically significant and large difference in students with these types of deep skill gaps.

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