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Noah Text® enhances reading fluency, stamina, and independence by highlighting critical word patterns within text.

“Noah Text® is a supplementary curriculum that builds upon early vocabulary and decodable text, and helps older students (functioning at grade level 3 and up) to build the larger vocabulary, the stamina, the fluency (literal comprehension, main idea and inference) to read and understand their first chapter books, and most importantly, to develop an interest in reading.  Many students will bridge themselves to plain text and keep abreast of their non-dyslexic peers.”

Noah Text® was designed based on the fact that the English writing system is one of the most irregular and complex writing systems in the world, requiring two to three times more reading instruction time and practice compared to most other languages. Studies also show this complexity leads to much higher rates of dyslexia. Noah Text® simulates predictable writing systems by guiding the reader toward the most critical patterns in English, bringing predictability to a system that is otherwise very complex.  Noah Text® is a patent pending method that alleviates the burdens an irregular writing system puts on working memory, while increasing fluency and speed, creating a more fluid and relaxed, independent reading experience.  

Noah Text® Illustrated

Noah Text® helps create access to word pronunciation through marking syllables and long vowels within the text. These markings allow students who have struggled to see sound parts within complex words, providing a way to decode and enunciate words that were previously difficult to access.

To illustrate, we can take a word like “unbelievable” and write it in Noah Text® format as unbelievable. This annotation system effectively breaks complex words into smaller and more familiar patterns (e.g., un + be + liev + a + ble).

Within a short period of time, students with dyslexia are able to cognitively access words that were heretofore inaccessible. The resulting improvements in reading accuracy and fluency free up cognitive resources to devote to comprehending the meaning of text — the goal of reading.

Ideal for Older Students

Noah Text® excels in being effective for older students in two critical required areas for learning. Generally older already know letters and their related sounds and their needs tend to be centered on understanding of what are called orthographic patterns in words such as in “tion” in nation, creation, obligation, and relation. Noah Text® helps students to see and apply these orthographic patterns to decoding.

Older students also need more understanding of how words change by adding or removing one or more letters, such as a pre-fix –  aware and (un)aware.  This is called “morphology” in language, and Noah Text® enables older students to develop the ability to recognize both orthographic patterns and morphology to decode larger, more complex vocabulary words.

“Noah Text® is innovative and a real “game-changer” for those who struggle to read the printed word. Just like large printed books, Noah Text should be available for all printed materials to alleviate the pain of reading for those with dyslexia.” Reading Consultant