In many educational software products, a student who fails a lesson is required to re-take the lesson over and over until he has memorized the answers, or is simply advanced to the next lesson despite failing the lesson.

With New Century, if the student fails the lesson, he is given the opportunity to take the lesson once more (he may have been distracted the first time). However, if he fails a second time, he is presented with prerequisite instruction to rebuild his skills to mastery of the learning objective.

Also, New Century periodically embeds Pretests in mathematics to re-evaluate which proximate skills a student has already mastered and for which the corresponding lessons can be removed from the lesson path. In addition, in both reading and math, Mastery Tests are set every few lessons. If the student fails a Mastery Test, then he will be asked to repeat prior lessons associated with the learning objectives of the failed or near mastered items. If he fails the Mastery Test a second time, he will see prerequisite and/or scaffolding instruction (including content typically not seen otherwise), as well as prior lessons in order to re-build skills to mastery. Normally, this approach will result in skill mastery when a test is re-administered.

Repeated failure of the Mastery Test alerts the teacher to intervene. In this way, New Century assures that students are truly learning the material, and teachers are focused on helping each student with the support they need most – a process that is both effective and efficient.