English Language Learners


Raise Your English Language Learners to Grade Level

English Language Learners are challenged to meet high standards of proficiency in all core subjects under Common Core State Standards (CCSS), even as they develop their English Language skills. The Intelligent Tutoring System provides the individualized English instruction needed to rapidly build reading/ELA skills to grade level. New Century also addresses the key elements recommended by both the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

Screen and Monitor Progress

The Intelligent Tutoring System utilizes Adaptive Diagnostic Assessments to provide teachers a clear, graphical understanding of a student’s proficiency and needs in several skills or “strands” of reading/ELA.  Embedded formative assessments provide teachers with a clear picture of each student’s progress in developing skills toward learning goals. The Intelligent Tutoring System uses the data from these assessments to automatically create and adapt an Individualized Lesson Path for each student to closely match the student’s developing needs.  Students who need additional remedial instruction automatically receive it.  Students who learn quickly are accelerated through their lesson path.

Provide Reading Interventions

IES recommends supplemental instruction that is direct and explicit, with frequent review of skills and clear corrective feedback. The Intelligent Tutoring System’s early reading lessons systematically develop the relationship between letter sounds and written words, introducing the vowels, the consonants, and blends. The curriculum incorporates a systematic, synthetic phonics approach that is tailored to each student’s skill proficiency. Each student progresses at their own rate, and the software allows students to replay aural instruction to help learn pronunciation of phonemes, words, and phrases. The software is infinitely patient in repeating aural instruction that the student may wish to revisit. Lessons utilize close reading to build skills in literal comprehension, inference and main idea, using passages, short stories, and subject area content. The development of fluency is enhanced by aural instruction and continuous feedback.

Teach Vocabulary

The Intelligent Tutoring System introduces vocabulary systematically in the context of reading topics. Lessons often include an introduction to specific vocabulary words prior to reading passages that use them.  Later in the lesson, exercises confirm the student’s correct understanding and use of vocabulary words in context. Other lessons include a Key Words glossary to help students understand new words they encounter in the reading passages. Separate spelling lessons teach both spelling of words and their meaning in context.  These spelling lessons are embedded in the student’s Individualized Lesson Path and also contribute to vocabulary development.

Develop Academic English

Beginning at the third grade equivalent, reading passages are primarily expository, including topics from science, social studies and the humanities.  Mastering English lessons teach students necessary grammar skills in writing.  A complete Writing Curriculum prepares students for further academic success and real world communications, including the three forms of essay required under Common Core State Standards.

Schedule Peer Learning

The Intelligent Tutoring System’s reports help teachers to group students by ability level. Pairs of students can work on New Century lessons, with higher performing students assisting a struggling student. The Writing curriculum includes a structured process whereby the teacher assigns peer readers to review and comment on writing exercises by other students. The teacher also can review and comment on writing samples at any time.

Success with ELL Students

The Intelligent Tutoring System in reading is research based and is the subject of randomized controlled studies by independent investigators with ELL populations. These formal studies confirm that teachers who used the Intelligent Tutoring System achieved statistically significant and large improvements to close the gap in student learning, compared to control groups on state proficiency and norm-referenced tests. For this reason, the Intelligent Tutoring System has been used heavily in Arizona, South Texas, Florida, and California with English Language Learners to help them successfully achieve English proficiency.

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