Data Management

The Intelligent Tutoring System provides a wealth of reports and information to help teachers and administrators identify needs and administer instructional programs. The learning management system is SQL Server based, meaning that it can hold large amounts of student data. The SQL Server framework also provides the learning management system with multiple means of importing and exporting data.

Student enrollment at the beginning of the year can be automated via a CSV file, and enrollment can include demographic information and even independent assessments.  A complete student data file, including the assessments and data generated by the Intelligent Tutoring System, and independent test scores, is available in an easy-to-analyze Excel format. Analysis of student performance can be conducted on a disaggregated basis by demographic variables and by prior year performance, using independent assessments as well as New Century assessments.

Among other things, administrators can independently and easily measure the gains on standardized tests as a function of student time on task with the Intelligent Tutoring System, validating their investment. Administrators can also independently measure the relative performance of students from different sub-groups – e.g. special-ed, Title 1, ELL, White, African American, Hispanic.

New Century’s assessment results also can be exported electronically via CSV file to supplement other data on the district’s student information system.