” Both math computation and reading comprehension showed significant improvement on the AIMSweb basic skills test.”
      –  Dr. J.S.Barrow, Coastal High School, McIntosh County, GA

Success Closing the Gap with At-Risk Students

New Century has a history of helping principals and teachers raise academic performance among at-risk students, including those of deep poverty, limited English proficiency, and high mobility. Using The Intelligent Tutoring System with fidelity across multiple years has resulted in even the most challenged schools reaching the highest performance standards in their state accountability systems.

Graph demonstrating how New Century improves test scores.

Individualized Instruction Made Easy

Whether implemented separately, or as part of an RTI model, or as part of a Continuous Improvement model, individualized instruction is recognized as critical to addressing the needs of under-performing students. Unfortunately, the typical teacher lacks the time to implement the assessment regimen and to design and deliver the individualized instructional plans for each of his or her students. The Intelligent Tutoring System’s adaptive diagnostic assessments generate data that is used by algorithms to instantly create a unique lesson path for each student, targeting skill gaps rather than an entire level or unit of instruction. Instructional time is therefore efficient, and measurable learning gains come quickly.  Individualized assessments, embedded in the lesson path, confirm a student’s developing mastery of content and generate data that is used to automatically adjust the lesson path to match the individual’s changing needs, adding remedial instruction as needed on demand.  The data also provides teachers with real time progress and performance reports to confirm learning gains toward instructional targets.

Addressing Underperforming Students

Unlike many software products, the Intelligent Tutoring System addresses a student’s skill gaps, even if they are far below grade level. New Century’s continuum of instruction delivers lessons and assessments that are consistent in pedagogy and reporting across elementary, middle and high school grade levels.  Students who learn rapidly move on to higher grade level content, even beyond their enrollment grade. The Intelligent Tutoring System’s curriculum uses examples from science, history, and geography to teach critical subject content and is age neutral, perfect for older students struggling with lower level skills. The scientifically based and rigorous instructional design teaches new skills with a digital tutor and guided, step by step instruction, and is not simply a drill and practice program. Extensive use of aural instruction along with text, graphics and different types of interactivity in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics provides a multi-modal pedagogy that supports learning by multiple intelligences.  It also helps move English Language Learners towards reading proficiency.  Independent researchers confirm approximately two academic years of learning gains on average per year of use.

Results with At-Risk Students Confirmed in Research

The research using New Century software includes a randomized/controlled study by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency among juvenile justice students (90% were 16, and 17 year olds with reading and math skills at or below 6th grade).  The study was reviewed by Rand Corporation as part of a metastudy reviewing 157 research manuscripts to identify what works in the education of juvenile justice students.  This study, using New Century software as the “intensive, personalized, competency-based instructional model tailored to each student’s academic development” among the experimental group, was one of only two interventions cited by Rand out of the 157 studies that “showed particular promise.”  Graduation rates were higher among the experimental group (44.1 versus 22.0 percent).  See summary of report: Rand-NCCD Study

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