The Intelligent Tutoring System provides teachers and administrators with two categories of assessment, both of which automatically score, report, and either create or adjust individualized lesson paths for each student. They also provide the data for teachers and administrators to group students by needs, to intervene with individuals, and to adjust whole classroom instruction.

Diagnostic Assessments in reading and math were designed in conjunction with researchers from ETS to be adaptive, so they quickly “drill down” and determine the strengths and weaknesses of a student across several strands of learning in reading and math. Results are used by the software to generate an individualized instructional path to meet the specific needs of each student. More

Individualized, Interim Assessments are automatically embedded in the lesson path, and change as the lesson path changes. Self-administered, scored, and reported, these assessments confirm student, class, and group mastery of learning objectives. Data from Interim Assessments also drive adjustments to each student’s lesson path to meet the student’s changing needs. More